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Suite for Android
Ectaco Suite for Android is your indispensable solution for translation and language learning. Combining the most comprehensive translation and language learning apps for Android, Ectaco suites integrates several titles to allow for an easy and effective learning of a foreign language. No Internet connection required to operate so you can use it on your mobile device just about anywhere.

Dictionaries for Android
The largest and most detailed Ectaco language dictionaries in the world now available for any Android device!

Talking Text Translators for Android

Travel Phrasebooks for Android
Ectaco Talking PhraseBook provides instant bi-directional translation of thousands of practical and useful phrases. It replaces bulky and inconvenient books and speaks all of its phrases aloud using clear, understandable native speaker voice narration for both languages.

Linguistic Games
Use games for language learning. A bit of fun can lift your mood, boost your motivation, and simultaneously practice learning a foreign language.

Foreign Language Learning

Interactive English for Android
This language course for Russian speakers begins with elementary topics: alphabet, transcription, plural form of nouns, etc. Interactive exercises with human-narrated examples of pronunciation combined with speech recognition functionality will help you quickly master these topics and move on to the rest of the English language.

Irregular Voice Verbs for Android

Language Teacher  for Android
Learn any language anywhere and anytime. No internet connection required, the Ectaco Language Teacher programs are so thorough that you’ll start speaking a new language in no time!

Software Collections for Android
These bundled Android software packs combine multiple languages giving users extended resources and endless learning possibilities!

Talking Idioms for Android

U-Learn for Android
The first On-The-Go language learning software for Android devices!

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