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Windows Mobile Software
We offer an exhaustive range of applications for the Windows Mobile operating system. They allow you to instantly turn your PDA into a language teacher or travel companion with exhaustive linguistic capabilities. The assortment of language solutions includes dictionaries, translators, travel software, machine translation, and language support. Powerful and robust, they will extend the functionality and flexibility of your handheld in style.

Windows Software
These applications have been designed specifically for your desktop or laptop PC. They allow you to add the convenience and flexibility of our handheld software to your desktop environment. With any of these applications installed on your computer you will quickly accelerate your proficiency in foreign languages with the easy to use and enjoyable study materials included. You will also instantly translate documents, web pages, and full texts with accuracy and dependability. Test any of the ECTACO dictionaries easily and quickly using the emulators found here and introduce yourself to all the powerful features available to be carried with you no matter where you go.

Translation Software for Android
The largest and most expansive bi-directional dictionaries, phrasebooks and language learning software for all Android devices! With speech recognition, fluent pronunciation and the ability to learn languages, these apps perfect for any language enthusiast. No need for an Internet connection or 3G - the apps comes pre-loaded with everything you need for studying, traveling, or anything on the go.

MS Smartphone Software
Handy bidirectional dictionaries for MS Smartphone operating system. Once installed on your device, one of these quick-reference resources will surely become your go-to application in a variety of situations.

Palm OS Software
Palm OS is another platform for which a variety of titles are available. Expanding the capability of your PDA they add invaluable functions for students and travelers alike. Obtainable in a number of languages, these linguistic solutions for your handheld are powerful and sophisticated, helping you to make the most use of your Palm device.

Software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Load all our dictionary, phrasebook and Language Teacher apps to your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Smartphone Software
Get the most out of your telephone by turning it into a language solution you will always have close at hand. The software here is designed to run on Nokia and Sony Ericsson models. Now you will never be at a loss for words with these handy applications installed on your telephone and you’ll also be able to study and play no matter where you may find yourself.

Software Collections
Designed to provide you with the full range and benefits of the exceptional software titles available for a particular language, operating system, or device, these software bundles offer great value for money. Significantly less expensive than when purchased separately these all in one language solutions are the absolute best, most flexible suites of programs available anywhere for all your devices. Comprehensive and robust, these combinations will allow you to increase efficiency and accomplish more - whether it be doing business, visiting a foreign city or learning a new language.

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